Customers are able to save up to 70% on their printing by having their cartridges refilled by one of our in-store associates. If we are unable to refill your cartridge, it is free! Please note we do not refill HP brand cartridges. 


As Thunder Bay's pioneers of Lead-Acid Battery Reconditioning, we offer free in-depth testing. We do a complete inspection of the battery, including a load test and discharge test. 

*Please note that reconditioning services are temporarily suspended due to Covid-19*

We recondition lead-acid batteries for a wide variety of applications including Automotive, RV/Marine, Solar, Industrial, and more!

We offer risk free reconditioning starting at as low as $29.99
If we are unable to fix your battery, it is free!

Pricing varies on type and size of battery; please contact one of our knowledgeable in-store associates to find out more!

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