Inkjet Refill

Printer Ink Refill FAQ:


What types of cartridges can you fill?

Only the most popular original HP, Canon, Epson, and Brother inkjet cartridges are supported. Remanufactured, private label and aftermarket ink tanks are not supported for refilling. Original manufacturer trademark logo must be visible on cartridge’s label in order to be supported for refilling. Laser/toner cartridges are not supported for refilling.

Why is my cartridge not supported?

In order to provide the best value and optimum quality, all cartridges are not able to be refilled. We continue to strive to improve the service, add additional cartridges when they become available and will discontinue certain cartridges as they become obsolete.

How long do your services take?

Cartridges are ready in an hour depending on the quantity dropped off and the cartridge type. We will give you a pick-up time based upon drop off. 

How much ink you fill the cartridge with?

We closely match or exceed the amount of ink you get in a new cartridge.

How long do I have to use the cartridge?

A refilled integrated cartridge (i.e. those found in 2-cartridge printer models) should be used within 90 days of refill, and remain in the plastic clip until ready for use. Whereas individual ink tanks/cartridges (i.e. those cartridges found in all 4, 5 and 6 cartridge-based printers) can be used within 1-year of refill

When should I refill?

We recommend that you refill a cartridge as soon as the print quality begins to degrade. Continuing to print a cartridge that is running dry will damage it and reduce the possibility of being refilled.

How many times can I refill a cartridge?

The number of refills depends on many factors but, most importantly, how well you take care of your cartridge. A well cared for integrated cartridge can be refilled multiple times. Whereas individual ink tanks/cartridges (i.e. those found in all 4, 5 and 6 cartridge-based printers) can refilled over and over until the cartridge becomes damaged or leaks.

What is the proper way to handle the cartridge?

As soon as you remove the cartridge from your printer, place it into a plastic clip. This will protect the cartridge and prevent it from drying out. If you do not have the clip, place 1 to 3 cartridges in a letter sized envelope or the antistatic bag provided with your last purchase . Be careful not to rub print heads together when transporting. Never touch, clean or place tape over the print head nozzles. Keep in cool place. Bring the cartridge to Lakehead Inkjet & Toner for refilling as soon as possible after removing it from your printer.

How do I know that the cartridge will work in my printer?

Each cartridge is tested after refilling to verify that ink is flowing through the nozzles correctly.

Is the ink the same quality as an original HP, Canon, Epson, or Brother cartridge?

Ink quality does make a difference in print quality. We use cartridge specific ink to match the original manufacturers colors and to ensure the highest possible output quality for each cartridge type.

Will I get similar results to a new cartridge?

Yes, the results you will get from a refilled cartridge will closely match the results of a new cartridge. For most consumers, there will be no significant difference in everyday printing quality. Refilling your cartridge is an easy and cost effective way of supplying your printer with ink. Whether printing with new or refilled cartridges, always use inkjet specific paper for best printing results.

What do I do if my printer displays a low ink warning message?

Some printers have trouble recognizing refilled cartridges. Generally you can ignore low ink messages until the print quality begins to degrade.

What if there is a problem with my cartridge and it can't be refilled?

We can recycle the cartridge for you and no charge is applied. Then, just purchase a new cartridge at the lowest local price and bring it to Lakehead Inkjet & Toner for a refill the next time you run out of ink.

Will using a refilled cartridge void my printer warranty?

Federal law prohibits any company from requiring you to purchase only their products and prohibits a manufacturer from voiding your machine's warranty simply by using alternative cartridge solutions.

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